Ready to feel sexy and confident after breast cancer?

I know what it is to hate the skin you live in. To want to be out of it so much that you disconnect entirely.

When I had a double mastectomy in 2011, I felt very disconnected to my body, almost like it was happening to someone else – except for the surgery pain of course.

The numbness that followed was a bit shocking. I’d been told that I wouldn’t feel anything from armpit to armpit, clavicle to diaphragm, but I didn’t really know what that meant until it happened. Then there were the expanders. It was like having tin cans attached to my chest – hard, oddly shaped, and sticking out at all angles. Like aliens where my boobs should be. After my (very bad) reconstruction where the expanders were removed and replaced with saline implants, I felt even more disconnected. After all the surgeries, poking, and prodding my body was not not my own anymore and now it looked weird, too.

Scarred. Uneven. Unattractive.


My breasts 8 weeks after my first reconstruction. I had really nice boobs before this.

It took two more corrective reconstructions to finally feel happy with my breasts again, but I still felt uncomfortable and disconnected. I had to learn how to deal with these non-malleable chest aliens and find clothes that fit right. Bras that were comfortable and smooth so they’d look right under clothes. Tank tops that didn’t rub or cut into the places I could feel.

Most importantly, I had to learn how to deal with the loss of sensation of a prominent erogenous zone. It made me sad when they were touched – I used to have so much feeling there and I had previously enjoyed it. Now that exciting sensation was gone and replaced with…nothingness. I fell into a deep depression and shut off all connection with my body. I gave up on feeling sexy. I stopped caring what I looked like. Who would want me now? I hated this body and myself.

What I would give to feel at home in my skin again. Confident. Sexy. Feminine. Attractive.

After three reconstructions, feeling better about the way my body looks, but still hating what's happened and very depressed.

Through a LOT of self-coaching, I’ve learned to deal with the depression and reconnect to my body. To fully inhabit it now, in the moment, in every moment. I feel at home again. I love this skin again. I want to be in it!

I feel sexy, confident, and proud of myself and my scars. I’ve been through some serious shit and I feel like a badass again.

I can touch my breasts and feel love again. I can dress cute and work it like I mean it – because I do.

I can help you do the same. It takes some time, commitment, and a willingness to deal with your shit, but it’s so worth it.

I have been where you are and I will help you get your self-love and confidence back!

Are you ready?

The Get Your Sexy Back! coaching program is designed to help you reconnect to your beautiful body, process your body’s trauma, and get your confidence, self-love, and sexy back. You’ll learn ways to strengthen your mind-body connection and still the turbulent self-hate thoughts that keep you from moving forward.

1 Navigation Call  

This is our introduction to each other and we’ll discuss where you are now and where you’d like to go as we work together.

6 Weeks of Coaching

Each session is 90 minutes long and we will get a LOT done in six weeks! We’ll quickly dive deep to get you back into your body, feeling settled and confident, while working through the thoughts that made you struggle in the first place. You’ll come away with reliable tools, worksheets, and actionable steps to keep you moving forward. This can be spread out to every other week if necessary.

Email Support

Occasionally you may feel like you’re struggling with a tool or thought. Email me for support, feedback, and assistance and I’ll respond within 24 hours during business hours.

Easy to Use Tools

As we work together I’ll provide you with homework and exercises to keep you on track, progressing toward confidence, and returning to self-love. These tools will lead you to new insights, deeply anchor yourself in your body, and help you practice and apply your learning. You’ll receive blank PDFs of each tool so you can reuse them forever.

You’ll Feel Confident and Sexy

You’ll feel so empowered and confident, radiantly walking around like you own the place – because you do! You’ll light up the room with your ease and self-assurance! You’ll LOVE the skin you’re in, and feel in control of your hotness again.

You’ll Feel More Connected

You’ll be incredibly connected to your body, your inner wisdom and intuition, and you’ll be able to ground and center yourself whenever you feel ‘off’.

You’ll Learn What Your Body Wants, and How to Get It

You’ll also learn how to tell exactly what your body wants, from food to exercise and rest, and find delicious ways to give yourself what you need in pleasurable, fun ways.

You’ll Learn to Establish Boundaries and Practice Self-Care

A lovely side effect of all this work is that you’ll quickly learn what feels right for you, when to say no, and how to create and maintain those boundaries. Self-care and boundaries are SEXY.

If you’ve gotten this far, I know you’re serious about feeling good about yourself again. I know you want someone who has been there to walk you through it. I believe in you and I believe in your ability to get back to yourself.


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It’s nice to work with a woman who can truly say “I’ve been there.” — Melissa M.

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