Programs are the most effective way for us to work together. Hour by hour is effective, but for rapid change and results, committing to a 6 week program is the way to go! We can get a LOT done in 6 weeks, which will put your results into hyper drive!  Get ready to change your life!

Schedule your free consult below to see how we will work together.

The free consult is a good chance to find out what it’s like to work with me, see if we’re a fit, and find out what program might be right for you, while learning about how we’ll work together. Click below to schedule and we’ll get started!

Save Yourself, Princess is all about taking your life back after adversity! You’ll move beyond the chaos, grief, and anxiety, toward calm confidence while going after exactly what you want, and getting it. Welcome back to you!

Resilience for the Resistance is a powerful program to build resilience, get grounded, and find peace in the chaos of our current political climate. You’ll reconcile grief and depression, create joy, and rejuvenate so you can keep resisting! Welcome to The Resilience.

Ala Carte Coaching

Not ready for a full program? No problem! Here are a few other options if you’d like to take smaller bites or if the above programs don’t quite fit your needs.

Want to just try it out for an hour, or get help with a single issue? The one time session is perfect for getting quick insight, a new perspective, and a helpful tool or exercise to assist with an emerging concern. We’ll quickly get to the heart of the matter and help you find remedies for what ails you!

Intuitive Tarot Coaching is the absolute JAM. We’ll connect to your Higher Self and Guides to get answers to your pressing questions, see what’s blocking you, and get you moving forward. These sessions are fun and amazingly on point.

Wade in for more in depth work. With a block of 3 sessions, we’ll be able to dive deeper into emerging issues, pull up some treasures, and study them to reveal their significance. We’ll be able to really move you forward on one challenging issue, or get you centered and grounded with a few topics of your choice.