What People Are Saying


Serena Hicks

Life Coach & Owner of BonBonBarre

“I was really excited about working with Melanie because I could just FEEL her wisdom and magic. Melanie IS an enlightened bad ass of the highest order. She is a Phoenix who rises from the ashes. She is fiercely feminine. She is extraordinary. If there is any way at all that you can make it happen, MAKE IT HAPPEN and work with already. She is an investment and worth every minute, every penny, everything it took for you to find and consider her. ”


Amy English

BARE Certified Coach

“Melanie truly is an Enlightened Badass. She asks powerful questions that make you think. After our work together, I have more confidence in myself and my path. I continuously look back on my notes from our calls, which helps keep me going in the right direction.”

Melissa McAllister

Editor at The Underbelly.org

“I was a little nervous about coaching because I knew it would mean getting really honest and making some big changes and decisions. I wanted to work with Melanie because of her listening skills and her genuine nature. She is such a supportive guide! And now I’m more connected to my joy and self-awareness and my work has seen a huge improvement since our work together! My self-talk has improved and I feel confident and prepared in moving forward with my life.”


Lisa W.


“Working with Melanie is about being in an utterly safe place to experiment and possibly fail. She calls me on my BS, which is sometimes unpleasant but totally necessary. In every area of my life, I’m asking myself if my choices are part of previous destructive patterns, and if so, how I can start working my way out of those patterns.

We did a LOT in a few sessions; we’d have to bend the space-time continuum to accomplish more. Everyone needs an enlightened bad-ass on their side; I’m really glad that I reached out to mine.”


Laura M.

Breast Cancer Survivor

“Coaching makes much more sense (for me) than traditional therapy. My level of anxiety has gone down – further than I thought possible. I am able to slow myself down, rather than winding myself up. I feel that the tools she has helped me acquire will be with me long term – and I will be able to go back to them for balance and clarity, whenever needed.

I am very grateful that I found Melanie – at the exact moment that I needed her most. My specific struggles – with health, self image, anxiety, and control – needed real life, practical solutions. Working with her has been a fabulous experience, and is helping me move past my breast cancer treatment – into a “new normal” that somehow allows me to be more myself, or a more whole version of myself, than I ever have been before.”