Here’s the thing they don’t tell you when you’re diagnosed with cancer:  No one can prepare you to survive.

Doctors are there to make sure you live, if possible. They cut, burn, treat, and send you on your way. They’re done and on to the next. You lived. Friends and support are there to get you through the crisis, but then they go on with their lives.

Now what?

My doctors said, “Congrats! We consider you cured!” and told me to go live my life. But, there was no support structure to help me deal with the emotions that come after the cancer is gone. No support group, psychiatrist, or therapist could help. I spiraled into a deep depression and chemo brain fog that took years to truly recover from. People couldn’t understand why I wasn’t happy that it was over. I was happy to be alive, but the superficial, regular life things that used to be important to me seemed so…irrelevant. Pointless.

Why am I still here? Why do others focus on the tiny, petty parts of life? Don’t they know how lucky they are to be alive? Why aren’t they celebrating? Why can’t I seem to celebrate either? WTF is going on?

I couldn’t go back to my ‘old’ way of being. The ‘new’ me seemed so far away – even though I pushed and tried to force her into being. How do I get there from here? The whole world looks so different after going through the trauma of cancer.

Maybe you can’t go back to your old self either. But you’re not sure how to get to the ‘new’ you.

If so, you’re in the right place.

That limbo between BC (before cancer) and AC (after cancer) can seem to extend on forever. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This program will help you get there faster with loving guidance.

1 Navigation Call  

This is our introduction to each other and we’ll discuss where you are now and where you’d like to go as we work together.

6 Coaching Sessions

Each session is 90 minutes long. You’ll figure out exactly what direction you want your life to move toward, and how to take those actions to get the results you want! We’ll work through thoughts that keep you stuck in repetitive inaction loops so you make progress quickly. And you’ll learn to feel your feelings and process them so you can deal with whatever arises, and to create the feelings you want to feel and get out of depression, anxiety, grief, and loneliness. You’ll also come away with reliable tools, worksheets, and actionable steps to keep you moving forward. This can be spread out to every other week if necessary.

Email Support

Occasionally you may feel like you’re struggling with a tool or thought. Email me for support, feedback, and assistance and I’ll respond within 24-48 hours.

Easy to Use Tools

As we work together I’ll provide you with homework and exercises to keep you on track and progressing toward the new life you’re dreaming of. These tools will lead you to new insights, deeply anchor yourself in what’s true for you, and help you practice and apply your learning. You’ll receive blank PDFs of each tool so you can reuse them forever.

You’ll Reconnect to Yourself

You’ll get grounded, centered, and reconnected to yourself and your purpose so you can confidently move forward in the direction of your dreams. You’ll learn self-compassion tricks so you can meet yourself where you are, while continuing to move forward.

You’ll Empower Yourself to Take Action and Get Results

You’ll learn to align your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results so your energy is directed to your path and you start making real progress. We’ll work on planning, goal-setting, and your personal life manifesto.

You’ll Process Feelings and Find Peace

You’ll learn to feel your feelings, get comfortable with discomfort, and make peace with your mind, so you can launch yourself into the post-cancer Badass You, while creating peace and joy in the process.

You’ll Disarm Fear like a Boss

You’ll be able to recognize old patterns and bust through them with little effort – quickly and easily. There will be no stopping you!


Got Questions?

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All payments are non-refundable.

Once you enroll, it’s like signing a contract—you’re IN. No backing out. No refunds. We will schedule calls that line up with both our schedules and rescheduling is possible with 24 hours notice.

If you’re ready for this program, make your payment and go ALL IN, fully committed. I’m fully committed to your success, too.

Let’s rock your post-cancer life!