Are you experiencing Resistance fatigue? Overwhelmed? Feel like there’s no point and you should just give up?

Wouldn’t you rather feel focused? Calm? Even happy?

Welcome to The Resilience.

We aren’t equipped to handle this level of stress on a constant basis. This isn’t normal. And the side effects of long-term, constant stress are devastating to our bodies.

Our self-care MUST BE our #1 priority right now, in order to keep doing our work to make the world a better place. You can’t fill from an empty cup.

The resistance needs your voice. If you’re angry, sad, or frustrated, you’re being called to participate. To challenge what’s going on. To object. To channel your feelings into productive action. Your voice is vital. You are a one-person army. You matter and your participation matters, because no one is coming to save us. We must save ourselves.

We must find ways to keep going. So how do you do that? You rest, rejuvenate, and build resilience so you can continue to resist in powerful, effective ways. Others will pick up the slack when you rest. Whatever happens will happen, whether you’re watching or not. It’s ok to relax for a bit.

Are you ready to learn how to fill your own cup?

You’re in the right place.

1 Navigation Call  

This is our introduction to each other and we’ll discuss where you are now and where you’d like to go as we work together.

6 Coaching Sessions

Each weekly session is 60 minutes long. You’ll learn how to survive this political climate, while taking good care of yourself, and continuing to resist. You’ll learn to deal with overwhelming fear and grief, numbness, and exhaustion by feeling your feelings and processing them so you can move on. You’ll also learn to add more joy to your life on a consistent basis, because we still have to create whatever comes next. And you’ll come away with reliable tools, worksheets, and actionable steps to keep you moving forward.

Email Support

Occasionally you may feel like you’re struggling with a tool or thought. Email me for support, feedback, and assistance and I’ll respond within 24-48 hours during my business hours.

Easy to Use Tools

As we work together I’ll provide you with homework and exercises to keep you on track and progressing toward resilience in the Resistance. These tools will lead you to new insights, deeply anchor yourself in what’s true for you, and help you practice and apply your learning. You’ll receive blank PDFs of each tool so you can reuse them forever.

You’ll Reconnect to Yourself

This is the heart of it all – feeling better and more focused so you can keep going. You’ll get grounded, centered, and reconnected to yourself so you can confidently move forward in the Resistance. You’ll learn to love and comfort yourself where you are, and feel safe even in challenging times.

You’ll Empower Yourself to Take Action and Get Results

You’ll learn to align your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results so your energy is directed to your path and you start feeling more in control. We’ll work on action plans, confidence, and finding your voice.

You’ll Process Feelings and Stop Numbing Out

You’ll learn to feel your feelings, get comfortable with discomfort (there’s certainly a lot of that right now!), and how to stop numbing out with social media, food, alcohol or whatever your vice may be.

You’ll Find and Create Joy

You’ll learn to bring more joy into your life so that you have more calm, peace, and happiness, even in the face of chaos.


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