Coaching Packages

Packages are the most effective way for us to work together. Hour by hour is effective, but for rapid change and results, committing to a 3 or 6 month package is the way to go. We can get a LOT done in 3 months, which will put your results into hyper drive! Or commit to 6 months for a momentum building and long-term success!  Get ready to change your life!

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3 & 6 Month Coaching Packages

Package Details: 

  • 1:1 coaching (50-55 minute sessions) – 3 sessions per month, with an implementation week to fully process, take action, rest, etc
  • ½ day (4 hours) Jump Start Session – to address immediate issues holding you back and get you up and running quickly
  • Email access up to 5 times a week (response within 24-48 hours during my business hours)
  • Emergency outreach calls (30 min. 1x month)
  • Worksheets & handouts (as needed)

What’s Covered?

Building the Confidence to Run for Office

  • Managing self-doubt and imposter syndrome – handling inner self-talk so NOTHING holds you back
  • Overcoming the fear of criticism – how to learn from the criticism that stings and let the rest roll off, and be unstoppable!

Step into Being the CEO of your Campaign

  • Only do what only you can do – how to let go and delegate everything else to your team so that you stay in your zone of genius
  • Managing your team with integrity – hiring the right people and roles, having transparent communication, and leading courageous conversations so that your team is a powerful force supporting your every move.
  • Take ownership of the campaign – authentic leadership, taking responsibility for the messaging, mishaps and momentum!

Overcoming Fears about Being Visible

  • Get comfortable in the spotlight – managing your mindset so being a visible public person is just part of who you are and something you come to love (even if you are a natural introvert)
  • Speak with authority – mindset tools for speaking on the issues with complete confidence.
  • Do it imperfectly – handling missteps, mistakes, and rising above any shame or humiliation that may previously have taken you out as a strong candidate.
  • Mastering Your Narrative – Being in charge of the narrative about you and your campaign promises in the public domain so that you feel in control and can redirect any criticism with confidence.


3 Month Package: $2997

6 Month Package: $4997