I’ve been a fan of tarot since my mid-twenties, for no other reason than I loved collecting decks and looking at the imagery. At one point I had over 20 decks! But it all felt too big to understand and too hard to put together. Then I found coaching and a few coaching friends who encouraged me to revisit it again. So I bought a new deck and started learning about it the cards, meanings, and imagery.

Suddenly it clicked!

For some reason my intuition kicked in while doing spreads and after some studying it all made sense to me in a way it never had before.

I started pulling cards while coaching my friends and patterns began to emerge – issues that needed addressing, ideas needing to be fleshed out, thoughts and behavior patterns holding people back – all began to reveal themselves through the cards and my intuition so that we could coach around them and create some amazing breakthroughs! I’d simply pull a card or do a spread while we were chatting and ask if the meaning or image was relevant. It always was!

I absolutely love coaching with the addition of this modality.  It’s a lovely tool to help clarify problems, where you might be stuck, or what might be in your way.

I use The Wild Unknown tarot deck in all my reads, along with Animal Spirit, Goddess Guidance Oracle, and Angel Answer cards in my process, when I feel called to add additional guidance to the read (or upon request).

We’ll spend 60 minutes together. Bring the topic you’d like help with and I’ll drop into meditation and ask your guides to connect with me and assist in the reading. I’ll do a spread for you and tell you what comes to me as I’m reading the cards. Then I’ll coach you through the issues and blocks that are keeping you from moving forward on the topic. It’s fun and always revealing!

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