Pity Party of One

This was a rough week for me in a lot of ways. I’m still recovering from being sick for a full month. I took on too much. Someone said something mean about me. And I didn’t get something I REALLY wanted.

So I threw myself a pity party.

Now, none of these things were FML-sized situations. Not really.

Granted, after cancer my size and scope of what constitutes FML territory has been greatly altered, and mostly includes things like death, pain, and really big losses, but still (sorry, the lack of Starbucks having your favorite syrup does not a FML situation make), I had a minor pity party.

There was ice cream. Hershey Kisses. Possibly a bag of Reece’s cups. Lots of cold-brewed iced coffee. Maybe going a day without a shower. Hush. Don’t you judge me.

My inner 5 year old (in full tutu and crown) thoroughly enjoyed the stomping around, moping parts.

But, the end result was that I felt worse. About the food and about myself.

I let myself feel icky for a while and then I decided I was done.

Just like that. “I’m done.”

Life isn’t always going to go our way. But wallowing around in self-pity just makes it worse. It’s destructive and a waste of time.

You always have a choice – to choose to feel awful or to decide to feel better. To look for the good. To see that not everything is a FML situation. Even the really big things sometimes. That doesn’t diminish their level of suck, but you don’t have to stay stuck there. It really is mind, thoughts, and emotions, over matter. And you get to decide. Your happiness is your personal responsibility.

So go ahead and wallow. Feel those awful feelings. Roll around in it, get good and gross. But don’t stay there. Get up, clean yourself off, and find things that make you happy – the beauty in the muck. Keep them in a little treasure box inside your heart and pull them out when you need them.

And if you need help getting up or finding things to fill your treasure box, head over to the Get Started page and schedule a consult!

  • Breast cancer life coach, tarot reader, yoga instructor, and all-around badass.

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