Melanie Childers is a Master Certified Coach, activist, yogi, writer, and spiritual badass. She’s a candidate’s secret weapon.

She specializes in working with progressive women considering or running for office by showing them how to get mentally and emotionally ready to run, build confidence, manage stress, and lead a campaign with integrity. She’s impacting the world by coaching those who actively work to make the world a better place. This powerful purpose is what drives her to revolutionize lives – so that collectively we can build a more loving, inclusive, progressive society.

When not coaching, Melanie can be found perfecting her handstand, reading one of the 10 books on her bedside table, or funding her shoe habit.

How I Can Help You

I show you how to build confidence and manage your inner critic so you can step into your political calling.

So many of us are being called to stand up for what we believe in, to take action, get involved, and run for something. Lack of confidence is the #1 reason that women don’t run for office! I’ll teach you tools you can use to increase your confidence, manage that inner voice that tells you you’re not good enough, and stand up visibly and publicly for your issues.

I teach you how to overcome criticism and negative attacks so you can stay focused and WIN.

Criticism only hurts when it resonates and we believe it. But most criticism and negative attacks are a reflection of the other person, not you. I’ll show you how to constructively use what’s useful, and detach from hurtful attacks so you can keep your head in the game and win.

I show you how to embrace becoming a public persona, even when you screw up.

The fear of making mistakes can be crippling when you step into a very public role while running for office. I’ll show you how to manage the humiliation of making a mistake so you can stay authentic, relatable, and worthy of public trust.

Why Coaching Will Work for You

You are more well-equipped to run and win than you may know. By discovering your own negative or limiting thoughts, you can change the way your brain works so you can stand up for what you believe in with confidence! With a few tools you can take advantage of your brain’s incredible ability to rewire (called neuroplasticity) to learn new habits, think new thoughts, and believe new beliefs. Regardless of what your life looks like now, you can make any changes needed to step confidently into public life, run for office, and WIN.

How I Work

Schedule a the 30-minute consult to learn how we’ll work together and see if we’re a good fit.

Afterwards, all sessions are 60 minutes long, and are via phone or Zoom video, whichever works best for you.

Get Started Now!

Book your FREE 30-minute consult now! Let’s get to know each other!

Guiding Principles

My guiding values are authenticity, humor, courage, and kindness.

I believe…

Our purpose here is to know ourselves and have fun with who we are.

Learning to love, accept, and forgive ourselves leads to peace, knowing, and universal love for all.

We can laugh ourselves through anything.

You are never stuck.

Kindness and compassion for each other can heal the world’s wounds.

There’s no such thing as a mistake.

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