A breast cancer diagnosis is such a shock to our systems – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It often comes with grief, anger, loneliness, shame, and PTSD. People rally around us, we go through various treatments, and then it’s over and we’re left with pieces of a life and body we once knew. And we pretty much have to stitch it all back together on our own. Some of our support system may still be around, but unless they’ve been through cancer too, they have no idea how to help.

Surviving can be hard.

Breast cancer challenges every part of our being, femininity, life purpose, and the very fabric of who we think we are and forces us to rise up. People may call us brave, but we know we have no choice.

We have to save ourselves.

Thing is, no one prepares us to survive. No one teaches us how to put our lives back together after the support dries up, and the doctors pronounce us ‘cured’ and tell us to go live our lives. 

It’s over, so you’re supposed to be happy right?

Hardly. That’s when the hard work really starts.

I’ve been there.

My diagnosis at 34 was a shock. It took years to truly deal with the trauma and fully feel like myself again. People assumed I was fine after my cancer treatments. But I needed help. I was grieving and angry. Support groups felt like a constant rehash of the trauma, like watching the Towers fall on 9/11 over and over again, just from different angles. Therapy felt the same way. Wellbutrin helped, but only partially.

The only thing that helped me was finding a coach of my own.

And then becoming one myself.


I’m here for you.

I can show you how to move forward in your life, past the place where cancer is the only topic of conversation, past the grief and trauma, and on to stitching back together what ‘normal’ (or weird!) looks like for you on the other side.

My mission is to show other patients and survivors how to put their lives back together again. How to love their bodies and themselves.