How Easily Do You Bounce Back from Adversity?

Resilience gives us greater tenacity to recover when life hands us adversity. You’re able to harness inner strength to handle traumas like job loss, health crises, divorce, and bankruptcy. Without it, you might feel victimized, ruminate on problems, become overwhelmed and anxious, slip into depression, or turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Resilience is the tool set we need to stay grounded, positive, and most importantly, functioning, in the face of adversity. Resilience gives us the ability to cope, increases our well being, improves performance at work, and can often prevent mental health crises. Luckily, you can learn these skills right now!

I’m Melanie Childers, a breast cancer survivor, Martha Beck Certified life coach, yoga teacher, intuitive tarot reader, writer, magazine publisher, and spiritual badass.

I call my coaching practice The Enlightened Badass, as a way to merge my two natures – the strong, unflinching badass, willing to wade in the muck of life, with the inner flower child who is fully connected to nature, love, and Spirit.

My definitions for those words are:

Enlightened: Aware of and connected to Source energy through nature, intuition, and Spirit

Badass: Owning and rocking everything you are, even when life kicks you while you’re down

My Work

I’m deeply passionate about teaching others resilience skills and how to bounce back and heal from challenging life events, in a nurturing, supportive, loving space.

I had to lose everything. 

Sometimes life has to really sucker punch you before you learn to be resilient. A breast cancer diagnosis was such a shock to my system – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It came with grief, anger, loneliness, shame, and PTSD. It also came with job loss, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and divorce. In the last 5 years I’ve been through almost everything experts say can knock a person down. And it did. All at once. But I kept getting back up and I can show you how to get up too.

Surviving trauma is hard.

Hitting rock bottom is no joke. It seems like our lives are over and we feel completely broken. But we don’t have to stay there. We have choices. We can wallow in our self-pity, or we can get up and keep trying.

We have to save ourselves.

Thing is, no one really teaches us resilience skills throughout life. No one shows us how to put our lives back together when we’re down and out, or how to find happiness in the face of adversity.

I got you.

I can show you how to gather strength when you’re at rock bottom, how to love yourself into wholeness, and how to start lifting yourself out into the sunlight of life.

Find peace after chaos. Love after pain. Resilience after PTSD.

I’m here to show you how to tackle the difficult emotions of sadness, anger, shame, frustration, loneliness, and despair, and help you move forward into resilience, with compassion and love for yourself and your experience.

What’s in it for you?

You’ll become more resilient, obviously, but that also includes more confidence, more bravery, more true to yourself. You’ll also become a better partner, a better co-worker, and a happier, healthier person. Are you ready? I’ll be holding your hand the whole way.

Ready to Get Started?

The best part about working with Melanie is that she’s warm, kind, funny, strong, and ridiculously smart. She’s dealt with a lot of hard things and has come out an even better person on the other side, so it reminds me that there’s always a way forward. We did a LOT in a few sessions; we’d have to bend the space-time continuum to accomplish more and I’m feeling extremely optimistic for the first time in several years! Everyone needs an enlightened badass on their side; I’m really glad that I reached out to mine!

— Lisa B.

Let's Do This!