Ready to Run with Confidence, and WIN?

Did you know that confidence is the #1 reason that women don’t run for office? Yet, we’re being called to step up in ways we’ve never done before. It can be intimidating, but if it makes you feel ‘scare-cited’ (scared AND excited), you know it’s a thing you must do!

Do you want to:

  • Build confidence so you can boldly step into your political calling?
  • Run with integrity and maintain your values while dealing with negativity?
  • Step into the public spotlight with authenticity and bravery?

I’m here to help.

I’m Melanie Childers, an Executive Political Coach, activist, yogi, writer, and spiritual badass.

And I’m your secret weapon.

My Work

I’m deeply passionate about coaching progressive women candidates who want to create the confidence to boldly step into public life while maintaining their integrity, effectively managing their mindset, and leading with authenticity and strength.

I’m here to help you cultivate the mindset you need in order to run with clarity, purpose, and bravery and to help guide you toward authentic integrity-based leadership.

Sound good?

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‘We did a LOT in a few sessions; we’d have to bend the space-time continuum to accomplish more and I’m feeling extremely optimistic for the first time in several years! Everyone needs an enlightened badass on their side; I’m really glad that I reached out to mine!’

— Lisa B.